Too quiet?


Today has been such a shock.

Yesterday this place was overrun with people. We had the regular framing and exterior guys (hammer, bang, thunk, rattle). For the first time, the plumbing crew joined us all, working from both downstairs and upstairs to reconstruct the plumbing for the master bath (partly in the ceiling of the dining room). They were mostly pretty quiet, except for when they knocked out and reinstalled pieces of framing; they also went up and downstairs frequently.*

Anyway, today we had a quick visit from the job-boss, and otherwise, no one. Apparently there’s a slim possibility that a city inspector will come by to check the plumbing, but everyone seems to think there’s a better chance the inspector will show on the next business day. After all, today’s Friday.

Ooops. Update. While I was massaging the photo, the bossman came back with the electrician for one of those here-here-and-here point-and-explain walk-throughs. Been and gone.

JCB’s even off to a lunch date, so it’s just me and the AC.

As to the photo, that’s our shower-to-be, with water standing in it for the inspection. There’s also water standing in the tub, but not visible from this view. I’m told all this is for the inspector. I am hoping mosquitos don’t find the puddles before they’re drained!

* Along with the reconstruction, there are oddities of code the plumbing has to address. One is some kind of a thingy that will make sure that the water going into a tub will never get hot enough to scald someone. I don’t think this applies to the sink or shower faucets, but I may not have been following that closely.

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