For shame!


You idiots*!

Buying stuff from spam**!


* …in the sense that Ben Stiller would use the word in a script….

** “…a study out this month indicates that nearly 30 percent of Internet users confessed to purchasing something from spam e-mail.” Says the Wash Post today.

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    What surprises me about this is that people actually get to a live website when clicking through a spam message. On the random occasions that curiosity-killed-the-cat leads me to click on a link in a spam message, usually, there’s nothing there.

    And then there’s the Alcona Country treasurer, who fell (more than once? too lazy to google) one of those Nigerian scams. Come on, those things have been around since the Internet was in the wild wild west period. You know, the 1990s. 😉