Mixed messages*


Today’s bright spots: 1) E the Excellent painter has been making Excellent progress delicately smearing the right colors of paint in all the right places. The walls are looking great! And, 2) the Tile Guys were back, and the tile is almost ready for grouting. That’s some fine progress, too!

Oh, and a loved one now has…tada!…text messaging!

* Ike fallout**. NYC financial meltdown. Our ins guy emailed us The Letter.

** I gotta say I’m cynical that altogether too many of those people who decided to stay put for Ike’s arrival (the ones who made a conscious choice thinking that’d be better than getting on the highway, or that the meteorologists probably didn’t have it right, or something) and who called saying rescue me during the storm, or now that it’s passed are saying they NEED help…well, yeah, they do need help; it’s a mess down there…but here’s what I’m wondering: how many of those folks go vote saying don’t raise my taxes; I want to avoid big government; I don’t want to pay money for government services. And now, what safety net are they turning to? Yup, the ones funded by The Taxpayer. Apologies for the rant….

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