Diary entry


This morning’s darkness yielded to overcast and drippy rain, but before 10 am all was sunny and glistening beneath a cloudless sky. Still, I was sucked into my mystery novel, although I kept getting up to do this and that: tuck more wood in the stove, rinse some split peas and get them onto a burner to boil then shift to atop the heat stove to simmer, check the orchard for wandering deer, try to figure out where that tiny mouse noise was coming from (north wall?) and thus where anti-mouse activities should focus, and just plain look around and grin. This is the morning for unstructured meanderings; there’s time enough ahead for removing cobwebs, mowing grass, painting window frames, checking the fencelines, and the like.

Throughout the day, the sun peeked in and out, and sprinkles came and went. By late-day, the sun made the skyline over the lake brilliant silver. When I went out to take pictures, I scared up two white-tails who probably felt like their territory had been invaded. The wood stove has kept us toasty with long-cut stove chunks and the leftover pea soup is tucked away in the fridge.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    more diary and more pics!