John won!


You didn’t know he was running, didja?

He won the $25 gift bag from TJs.* They loaded up a reusable bag with goodies—all seemed like newer products.

We now have a free way to try Israeli couscous, blackberry tea, citrus-flavored thirst quenching drink, three cheese tomato pasta sauce, a Lumpy-Dumpy bar, flakes of dried ginger, and several other products. Surely, we’ll dig into the microwave popcorn tonight!

Now that wasn’t the total excitement of our trip to TJs—read more as you “flip through” the pictures….

* You get to make an entry in the weekly drawing each time you make a purchase and have your own bags. In contrast, our local Whole Foods gives you a dime refund per bag used.


  1. Mary Jo & Robert says:

    Did John also get the free cup of coffee at Starbucks because he voted?

  2. Sammy says:

    Not as yet; I’m rather surprised.