Transition trivia…

Lake Clara Meer’s levels are nearly two feet below normal full. That’s low.

So we have a Pres-Elect (already with his first press conference successfully conducted), and he’s already announcing appointments/hirings (or at least Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff). Since he’s not in office, how do they get paid and out of what budget? I assume there’s some mechanism for this, but I haven’t heard mention thereof.

BTW, have you noticed that the more formal media is now calling him Mr. Obama? Even though he’s a Senator. Protocol JCB & I assume….


  1. tom says:

    He’s a mutt! Everybody loves a mutt… especially mutts who are comfortable with their mutthood. Rahm is an interesting choice – he seems high-drahma, where as Mr.O. is (reportedly) no-drahma. I’m sure we’d get along well for at least five seconds.

  2. Sammy says:

    Wonder why he didn’t use that line during the campaign….

  3. kayak woman says:

    What is that skyscraper with the “wings” (or whatever they are) over there on the right.

  4. Sammy's second cousin says:

    Salaries don’t begin until January 20 or sometime afterward. Many of the appointees have to be vetted and go through the security clearance process and then be approved by the Senate. Rahmbo will continue to collect his pay as a Congresscritter until his resignation takes effect, probably on January 20. He does not have to be approved by the Senate. Cousin Barack is off to a good start on staffing his administration.

  5. Sammy says:

    We are mystified about that design, too.

  6. Sammy says:

    Thanks, HH, for the info on how the transition salaries are funded. I should have guessed they aren’t. Like the term “Congresscritter”. I guess the Pres-Elect is still collecting his Senatorial earnings until the swearing-in, too….

  7. Sammy's second cousin says:

    Yes, he and Biden get paid their Senate salaries up until they resign their seats. If there’s a lame-duck session, they should do that sooner rather than later. Their successors could be sworn in right away and get a leg up on seniority, which is important for things like committee assignments.

    Also, I have a fantasy scenario that begins next week:

    1. Cheney resigns for “health” reasons.
    2. Bush nominates Obama to be Vice President under the 25th Amendment.
    3. Congress confirms Obama, also under the 25th Amendment.
    4. Obama is sworn in as Vice President.
    5. Bush announces that due his incompetence he is resigning. (Millions cheer.)
    6. Obama is sworn in as President.
    7. Obama nominates Biden to be Vice President.
    8. Congress confirms Biden.
    9. Americans give thanks on November 27.

    Wilson planned something similar in 1916 in which Hughes would have been sworn in before March 4. However, much to everyone’s surprise Wilson narrowly won.

  8. tom says:

    The skyscraper with the wings is Sauron Plaza. The flaming eye is suspended between them (visible only at night with special goggles – at least for now.) Cheney has a sublet there beginning late-January. Vigilance, people.