Eventful day


Quadruple batch underway…that is, four boxes of food-processor-pulverized wafers and nuts being added to the sugar-cocoa-bourbon mixture….

Two major themes of interest today: T (aka E) and I had a bourbon-ball party—making them, that is; and, hmm, maybe that was all! The rest was like dusting, uneventful, but you do it anyway.


  1. Janet Van Fleet says:

    You dust?

  2. Sammy says:

    No, it’s purely a theoretical concept. Actually, I love how the southern Mexican ladies dust. They take a soft cloth and gently slap it down on places where dust might accumulate, thereby making the dust airborne, and giving them eternal employment. This approach makes sense when you live next to unpaved roads and other permanent dust sources….

  3. Pooh says:

    My mother once accused me of dusting by snapping the dust cloth towards the four corners of my bedroom and considering the job done. That was when I actually did pick up a dust cloth.

    When things get so bad that even the dust bunnies are complaining, I now use Swiffer products. The floor ones work fine as dust cloths, just don’t wrap them around the thingy with the handle.