Bourbon Balls


Mix together in the food processor (maybe 3-4 pulses), then dump into large mixing bowl:

2 T cocoa
1 C powdered sugar

Again in the food processor, crumb finely, then dump into mixing bowl:
one 12* oz box vanilla wafers

In the food processor, spin until small pieces but not crumbs:
1 C pecans (4 oz.)

Mix all the dry ingredients.

Stir together and add to dry ingredients:
1/2 C bourbon (maybe a bit more)
combined with
2 tbsp light corn syrup (2 T)

Mix thoroughly. Roll mixture into small spheres; dredge in powdered sugar. These treats are best if you can stash them in a sealed container for a day or so before feasting. Realistically though, good luck with that!

Remember: finely crumb the cookies.

* If you have 11 ounce boxes, either ignore or add another ounce of pecans.