Salad of Celery


This one’s a sleeper. You’d never guess celery could be so tasty! I first had this in a restaurant in Oaxaca, and this recipe is my imitation.*

Get the freshest celery you can. Clean enough celery stalks for the number of portions you want. Drain. Remove the largest strings, for outside or large stalks.

Slice by hand or with food processor, crosswise, producing little celery Us.

Splay celery slices into a bowl. Add vinaigrette, salt, pepper. Stir gently.

I prefer this with a vinaigrette made with lemon or white wine vinegar (and good olive oil), to preserve the celery’s natural color.

Top with a bit of chopped parsley (optional). You also could go rad and sprinkle the salad with a teeny dusting of smoked paprika.

You can see that in the photo version I added a few fragments of sweet red pepper, for color mostly.

* Note: I am not much of a celery fan, and I love this salad.