Cheese ball, eeezzeee

Here’s the simplest version: go to Trader Joe’s. Buy one 8-oz container of crumbled Salem Blue cheese, one 8-oz bag of toasted pecan bits, and one container of greek yogurt.

In a container put half cheese crumbles and half nuts, or approximately so. Add just enough yogurt to stick it together, probably less than you think. Stir until blended.

Roll into an approximate ball, and roll out of mixing container onto serving plate or platter.

Scatter more nuts on top, if you like. Surround with crackers and add a knife or something to serve with.


This “fake cheese ball” is best made very soon before your guests arrive, so the nuts are at their crunchiest. It only takes a minute, though!

Of course, you can use raw pecans and chop and toast them yourself. Likewise, you can buy a hunk of bleu (or cheeses with similar flavor) and crumble it. I suppose, if you were really crazed, you could make your own yogurt, too….