Jiggety jig & jog*


Hey, let’s not do that again soon: drive to Michigan and return on days when major snowstorms are striking.

Last night we hit the road after dinner, and made it south of the freeze zone (and south of Cincinnati, too, because travel there can be, well, frustrating), figuring ice was even more likely to impede our progress than heavy snowfall. Probably an excellent bet….

We returned to ATL under grey skies, but before dark. All well here, except our water was mysteriously off; we suspect vandalism—our bill is paid!

* Here’s the whole nursery rhyme….


  1. Jay says:

    From the water department side – is it possible they read your meter while you were away? If they suspected a leak and nobody was home they might have turned off the water at the meter. Our Customer Service Reps might do that without talking to the homeowner, although they try not to unless it looks like a large water loss. Then again, turning off water would be an interesting prank, but hardly enough response to warrant the trouble.

  2. Sammy says:

    We thought of the leak angle. JCB turned the water back on and made a quick check for leaks (none observed). We’ll look again today in the light. Thanks for the advice….