Grab your phone!


“Beware bears” doesn’t really cover it.*

We’ve been hearing about legislative budget dickering at the Federal level. It’s also happening at the state level here in Georgia.

The legislators seem to employ this logic: cut the heck out of everything, and then wait for the constituent backlash, and use that to decide what “has” to be put back in.

Late afternoon’s breaking news was that the Georgia House has cut the archaeology program to the tune of $279K-plus, including the Federally-mandated State Archaeologist position.

So, the backlash begins. The SGA story is here, and there’s more on the GCPA page here.

Fellow Georgians, please start dialing for dollars….

* Bears are harassing hikers and breaking into their gear along the stretch of the AT we hiked last Friday…. Our companion F added the drawing….

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