Bi-color hosta burgeons


When the flowering trees and bulbs, etc., are so showy, it’s easy to skip by the less flashy plants. Here’s our hosta, just leafing out, christened by the rain….

I was confused by the word “burgeon” when I first encountered it because several of my schoolmates had the family name Bergeon, so the word was anchored in my brain as “just a name.” How many times did I go wrong with assumptions like that?


  1. kayak woman says:

    At about 8, I read the entire book “The Mighty Soo”, pronouncing “Colonel” in my head just the way it looks on paper. Same kind of thing with “Chicago” — Chick-a-go, emphasis on “Chick”.

  2. Pooh says:

    I was subbing in a gifted class. The 3rd graders were using on-line dictionaries to look up vocabulary words. The program would also pronounce the words. “Ek-sent-tric”, said the machine. “EE-sent-tric”, said my brain. How did I go this far in life pronouncing “eccentric” so EEcentricly?

  3. kayak woman says:

    I’ll just about bet dollars that both pronunciations are acceptable.