A traveler’s tale


This morning we enjoyed Fun with Delta.

They sent us to stand in the hallway, having checked our tickets, but without letting us out of the building. Then after maybe ten minutes while JetBlue passengers to Orlando were sent ahead of us, they let us out of the building and onto the tarmac. And stopped us again. We waited in the cold breeze, most of us underdressed home-bound Atlantans (I’m guessing). After maybe five minutes, they sent us back into the boarding lounge. Not good. After a couple of minutes they said the flight was indefinitely delayed. Really not good. Then they told us to line up for them to find us alternate flights. Majorly not good. And this was in an airport already backed up from flights that were cancelled the day before. Super not good. Then, the dam broke and they wisely wheeled a plane over from the opposite side of the field, and let us board. Happy people! We got seated and the pilot came on and said that the toilet was leaking in the discarded jet, and they couldn’t get it stopped. For our flight anyway. Lucky us, there was a backup plane!

We walked home from the MARTA station, noting that pine pollen season has begun and that the, tada!, dogwoods are almost all in bloom!

So, today we left the ice-storm weather behind and returned to springtime!


  1. tom says:

    The pollen had me feeling poorly after four hours of butchering shrubs. Came inside and even playing on the Mac (which is a joyful thing) wasn’t able to make me feel better than a two-benadryl nap did. You must’ve packed light to have shlepped all the way from the N line (or Inman on the E?) About the same distance, isn’t it? Suppose the scenery on the way would be the deciding factor for me.

  2. Sammy says:

    We did pack light, but we drove back (although I took the train up—North Metro line)—we avoided checking baggage that way, plus it was just four days!

  3. kayak woman says:

    I am just speechless. Toilet problems? What next. I am not a frequent flyer although I will probably do more of it in the upcoming years. When I do fly, I try to do only carry-on. My Thursday Coffee Buddy flies all over the world all the time and won’t check baggage unless she’ll be gone more than a week.

  4. Marquis says:

    A friend of mine was flying from Moscow to Siberia, a ten hour flight. Normally, he flew first class, as do all other westerners, on this domestic flight. But there was some screw up and he ended up in coach, on a jump seat, one of those seats that flight attendants use for takeoffs and landings. His jump seat was next to the lavatory. Throughout the flight we has subjected to the noxious odors emanating from the lavatory, even though there was a flight attendant there, whose sole responsibility seemed to be to sprich the lavatory after each use.

  5. Sammy says:

    I guess it would have been worse if there had been no spriching….

  6. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    Sammy & John,
    We think you need a map on your website to show “Where are they now?”!