Hot/sunny, but I remember windy/rainy


Just for variety, here’s a gorgeous photo of rainy night last week (yes, in Georgia!), unPhotoshopped, courtesy JCB.

It’s sunny and hot today. I put my tomato plants (I’m lame; I bought them) in the ground yesterday, and they look pretty happy today. I’ll get some newspapers laid around them tomorrow, I hope, to hold in the moisture and discourage weeds. Maybe they’ll have enough sun to bear. They’re in the newly sunny area in the front yard; always before I planted them in the too-shady back yard and I grew tomato plants and not tomatoes.

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  1. Sammy's second cousin says:

    I guess that latitude trumps altitude. The meteorologists here have been repeatedly advising against planting tomatoes before Mother’s Day. There actually was frost around here a couple of nights ago.