Gloomy skies don’t stop us


We were on the move today, and had thought about taking the ferry over to Mackinac Island, but spitting rain at the straits caused us to rethink our plans.

Instead, we drove west to Bliss, then down to Cross Village, which is quite a place. Leg’s Inn there, established by a Polish immigrant, is decorated along the roofline with upside down stove legs. We stopped along the beach and took a few photos of the churning skies over Lake Michigan.

We dropped down an extremely scenic (“heritage”) road from Cross Village to Harbor Springs. We found a nice sandwich shop with good bread and a stack of Sunday NYTimes amidst all the fancy places at ritzy Harbor Springs. From there, we continued south to Petosky and then Traverse City, before cutting inland. Nice.

The weather never improved greatly, but we had a great run even so.

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    I don’t find Mackinac Island much fun in the rain and cold (like yesterday) either.

    What was the sandwich shop in Harbor Springs?