It seems to me that as I wander along through life*, I find proof of this or that less often than I had thought would happen in those starry-eyed days of my youth.

But here’s proof that my mystery plant is NOT a jack-in-the-pulpit. The JITP is on the left. It was labeled, and in a garden with a knowledgeable staff. This specimen also matches the plants IDd as JITP all over the web (and beyond!). Our mystery plant is on the right, once again making seeds. Maybe I should save some from the squirrels this year?

Oh, yeah, BTW I’m sticking to its identification as Arum maculatum (interesting details on that species here).

* Yes, I changed the picture….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    You’re probably right but our woods’s JITP are doing a sort of similar seed thing lately. I keep trying to remember to get a photo but I never seem to have my “good” camera with me when I’m out there…