Hyoooooooooo-mid + sunny =


TY, jcb!, for this image….


Still, we had a nice walk this morning, although a bit sweaty, all the way to Piedmont Park. I can happily report that Lake Clara Meer’s levels* are up and we saw lots of (ordinary) birds, including swallows or something flying across the lake nabbing insects—breakfast, I guess.

The mimosas are in bloom, and dramatic, right now.

* Lake Lanier’s levels are in pretty good shape, too, compared to the last two years or so—about 4.3 feet below the summer pool (ideal) level, and far better than the 20 feet below we did have…. This webpage has a useful graph of Lake Lanier’s levels, and also shows total rainfall for the SE for the last week.


  1. Pooh says:

    Mimosas? Isn’t that when you mix champagne and OJ, so you can drink alcohol at brunch? Are the flowers shown on a tree or a smaller plant? The tree in STL that has flowers like that I’ve heard called “smoke tree”. It was definitely one of the trees that stood out when we moved South.

    –youth wants to know 😉

  2. Sammy says:

    Mimosas, in this instance, are smallish trees. Smoke trees are an entirely different thing, botanically. Mimosa are leguminous, while smoke trees are Cotinus genus, and related taxonomically to…poison ivy. At least according to Wiki-Pee.