Don’t jump!


We escaped from Atlanta’s urban clutches to explore a tiny bit of the Callaway family property around Callaway Gardens. This area is down by the the Little White House in Warm Springs, at the tail end of the Appalachians*, off a landform now known as Pine Mountain. Anyway, we enjoyed a guided tour led by our friend Dean.

Susanna was there, too, and recommended a post-hike wash-down with rubbing alcohol, in addition to a normal shower, as an anti-chigger treatment. So far, my personal affliction count is low, thanks I think to the Susanna Treatment.


* But what do I know about geology? This abstract indicates that the landform is a “complex window” framed by “three ductile faults” (?) including “the polydeformed pre-thermal peak Box Ankle fault.” I include so many quote marks to remind you how little I know about this subject….

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