Matte Silver will ride again!

There’s a lively interest in certain circles in car stuff down here in the Deep South, although it’s not as pervasive as I’ve encountered in the Midwest. Remember, after all, that stock car racing is an outgrowth of prohibition-era moonshine deliveries to, among other places, Atlanta’s thirsty, from stills in the southern Appalachians….

This aging, bug-like British body has just had the paint removed by a process that sounded like sand-blasting, although with baking soda, not sand. It’s more delicate than sand, I hear.

This car’s driver is now known as “Matte Silver”—at least by those who know him well….

UPDATE: followup footnote with tomorrow’s post….


  1. wdw says:

    He is not known as Matte Silver by anyone, especially by those who know him well! And this car has no connection to anything like stock car racing. It is a vintage MG Midget British sports car and will compete in road races where the drivers must turn left and right.

  2. Sammy says:

    Oops. I don’t do “trying to be funny” very well. I take back the whole Matte Silver line of thinking…. Clearly, I’m in over my head here. This fine vehicle is gorgeous and I will be excited to see it when it’s time to race it!