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Last weekend I bowed to a spousal request and we saw “Up” in 3D (at the theater, of course—too loud, as always). Very interesting, this: by half-way through I wasn’t even paying attention to the 3D-ness or the goofy ill-fitting specs. I found it a rather sad tale, although I think it was supposed to be positive and uplifting. Unexpected how many 3D trailers there were. Bonus: they played an animated short, too! (Pixar’s Partly Cloudy.)

Also, around noon, the USPS female-mailperson delivered our new Holux M-241 Wireless GPS logger. It’s a cute little thing, no map, just a simple display, which I wanted (me!, not The Guru—at least initially) as a high-tech digital-not-mechanical pedometer.

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  1. Marquis says:

    Pixar always does a short before their feature. They use to use the short to demonstrate their new animation technology and use it to to promote their next feature. Nowadays, I imagine it is just tradition. The Christmas before last they put out a DVD of all of their previous shorts, priceless.