Golden sun reigns


We took an early walk this morning, just after sunrise, and managed to get in and out of Piedmont Park ahead of a fund-raising race. It’s dry dry dry out, since the rains and daily showers have abandoned us; I was surprised the race didn’t begin earlier, as it was already semi-steamy at 8 am.

Yes, new Sanctuary photo again….


  1. Marquis says:

    What is it about southern Marks?

    Mark Sanford’s plight has been splashed across the news and now I find that there is another Mark in the mix. Mark Musselwhite, a Republican, mayor from Georgia, was arrested for being nude in a park.

    Is there a vaccine?

  2. Sammy says:

    I figured you were on the mailing list with those other Marks and that you would know about vaccine potential, but maybe I’m wrong…. Of course, I was wrong about the rain—we got a late-night shower, more wind than rain, though….