Excess in food artistry


Okay, I admit that this picture was from last night’s near-excess, in downtown EL. Actually, we were fairly sedate, although this shot may suggest otherwise.

I thought I was ordering a simple salad, but when it arrived it was perhaps the tallest Tall Food I’ve ever seen, or at least had placed before me. BTW, that’s salmon crusted with panko and almond slivers on the skewers, tripoded atop a mixed green salad with goat cheese bits and other goodies. And, I can’t forget the lemon slice tying the architecture together….

Otherwise, we mostly sipped Guinness, easing our way through the evening, and there was a luxurious spinach–artichoke appetizer, too—how could I forget that!

The wrapping for all this dietary fun, of course, were lots of laughs and some speculation about the current economics of Michigan’s automotive industry….

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