Piedmont Park preparations


Crews with strong stomachs must have been busy yesterday removing the stinky feeshiness floating on Lake Clara Meer, because only a few belly-up bodies were in nooks and crannies this morning. The odor still hangs around, but is diminished.

This is a good thing for the entrepreneurs who have issued high-priced tickets for a Paul McCartney concert this coming weekend. Still, the setup crew began working this morning amidst a bit of eau d’poissons (or whatever the French is).

I studied the lake water for a bit, and there’s another algal infestation that I hadn’t noticed. I had been monitoring the bright green surface film kind, but there’s also a billowy dark green lifeforce below the surface that tints the water, although you can still see the bottom if the water’s up to almost a foot deep. Maybe that’s the culprit species. (And not the population factor I advanced yesterday, although that has to affect the situation, too, it seems to me.)

Humid, humid, humid.

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  1. jcb says:

    All we are saying, is give fish a chance.