No tag while walking


In honor of the 52nd Annual Bridge Walk* today, we perambulated to Piedmont Park and made enough circuits and detours to approximate (exceed, actually) the five miles it takes to cross the Mackinac Bridge.

* Note: playing tag (?) while on the Bridge Walk is not permitted. We didn’t play tag either.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    The GG and some of his family and friends did walk the bridge. We drove over it between about 12:30 and 1:00 PM. It was a zoo. He had to wait on the south end at least 2 hours before he could catch a bus to the other side.

    They had a great time (I’ve never done it and didn’t get to yesterday due to family commitments). I will do it one of these days but will want to think through the logistics of timing and vee-hickle placement pretty carefully.

    Rest of trip was relatively calm for Labor Day, only a few slow-downs and no stand-stills, not even on the bridge. We did take the Lansing route though.