Red okra


Very tall red okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) with very, very long pods—up to 10 inches or so! I didn’t know there was red okra. I didn’t know okra got this tall! I didn’t know okra pods got this big!

Over in Piedmont Park is a small vegetable garden, labeled “Community Garden,” located on perhaps the best soil in the park. Until today, we’d only seen the Community walking by. This morning several adults had about two dozen youngsters gathered outside the garden doing some lessons, it seemed to me. I will find out next time I walk by if they also did weeding, harvesting, etc.

We also toured the booths at the Atlanta Arts Festival, but didn’t spend any money though I was tempted by the pottery of Ken Jensen of St. Augustine. We took samples of several flavors of Lärabars, an energy bar with only a few ingredients, all with names you’d recognize, and no soy or chemicals. I had never tried them before. I’ve only sampled the Key Lime flavor so far, and it was tasty, but fairly high calorie for the volume—which would be most excellent for backpackers.

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