Structure and infrastructure


Today, out of at minimum several hundred people waiting to find out if they were called to go to a courtroom and “try out” for an actual jury pool, I was Juror #1.

I never have “luck” like that!

However, after the dust settled, the lawyers passed on putting me on the jury for a murder/robbery trial.

Fine with me!

Over the lunch break, two hours in my case, I walked and looped and looped around downtowns streets, mixing with the homeless and GA State students and office types, thankful that it was overcast and even a tad cool (for around here in mid-Sept), so I only got a little sweaty, and then after I stopped walking. Tidy enough for being “public,” I thought….

During my visit downtown, and especially my peregrinations, I was able to spot-check our fair city’s infrastructure. A bit shabby, but not quite the “gritty urban” situation, as the common phrase goes, maybe because it wasn’t breezy; instead, the gritty was more liquid and I won’t get into details.

The problem pictured, however, is serious—some of the pavement at Underground Atlanta, brickwork flooring the upper level (that is, above air), hmmmm, has support problems. I walked across the next level down, which is a not large area, and there was a “bouncy” area there that also seemed to have support problems. Not good.

That was today’s adventure….


  1. kayak woman says:

    Were you questioned as a juror? (Maybe you can’t say.)

  2. Sammy says:

    Yeah, just not chosen. Shrug.