Drive carefully!


The internet has amazing amounts of current information, but sometimes it’s difficult to find it. So, here’s a bit that will be beyond difficult to find: the pass into Moran Junction from the east (Riverton, Casper), that is, into the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone from the east, here’s the lowdown: big construction project currently focused on what I’d guess to be road widening at the top near the pass (apparently this will continue all winter!). We drove on some horrific but thankfully shallow mud (we now look like we’re driving a white Prius that was splashed with a frappuccino) bypassing the construction equipment, along a stretch that the radio road report said was a “dry road”—or maybe they meant the paved part was dry (it was!)!

On the other hand, despite many many signs warning us to watch for loose cattle (doing what?) and general wildlife, we saw other vehicles, beautiful sunshine, and no four-foots or hoofy creatures or whatever….

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