Enjoy your electricity!


I never figured out how far south up the Snake River the section They call “Hell’s Canyon” extends, but this is upstream of the Hells Canyon Dam, and downstream of the population nexus They call Copperfield, at least on some maps and there on the ground, too.

The weather was working in our favor (mostly), and we made the run from Weister to Copperfield, then up and over (a couple of times), ending up in Joseph. The clouds were sitting on the highest places, and we really didn’t have much direct sunshine, but this was gorgeous territory (as RMJ had already told us!).

In sum, we saw lots of the Snake today (yesterday, too!), and late this aft we also saw pretty much where it flows into the Columbia.

In sum in only two words: rivers and ridges!

The lesson: geeze, we have dammed up a lot of rivers.

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