Back home!


Late yesterday we pulled up in front of the house. You may not have noted the day we left, but it was in late SEPTEMber!

We logged almost 10K miles, but not quite.

We passed through twenty-one states, if my count is correct.

We visited all close family members not now resident in Georgia (a coup!).

We visited quite a few friends spread out across this fine nation (and missed some, too, unfortunately).

We return home refreshed, and able to face the pile of mail (including scads of pre-election propaganda) accumulated on the dining room table (thanks, James).

I can’t wait to go through the photographs we took while we were gone as a unit—the whole trip’s worth—remembering the flowers, wild critters, and lovely landscapes and glorious skies we saw and captured in digital form. Right now, with only the out-of-focus and otherwise super-crappy pictures deleted, iPhoto shows we accumulated over 11,500 photographs….

Oh, and this picture? Before we left, I got a celebratory (more expensive) stalk of brussel sprouts, and de-sprouted it for a luscious side dish, then stuck the mostly “bald” stalk in the back gardenlet, as a joke?, as an experiment?—I’m not sure at this point. Anyway, we had lots of rain while we were gone (including the days just before we returned), and I discovered today that the stalk is growing!

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