If I said this is a late post because I was chopping ingredients for salsa and the like, I’d only be partly wrong. I’ll admit to a bit of laziness, too!

Our special Friday dinner had a Oaxaca theme, which required a quick run to Buford Highway for epazote—there’s no other way to get the black beans and quesadillas to taste “right.” We also like fresh tortillas de maíz like these, with no fat or factory ingredients….

Ya gotta love the imagery here. The brand is Milagro, which already has major positive overtones. Combine that with the traditional tortilla-making scene, including the brazier, and, geeze, not only will you feel compelled to buy these tortillas, you’ll be weak in the knees as you do!

Epazote, the word, should not be confused with “epizootic,” a favored term of RHB. The former is a plant of the Chenopodium group, and the latter is a disease outbreak.

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