More mileage than a hybrid?


I’m a slow Googler, I guess. It took me a while to find this, a MonoTracer by Peraves, here on the web, after we spotted it when we were out for a walk (overcast, cool, but not windy). And I’m slow to catch on; this techno-beast was one of Time’s best inventions of 2008.

Two wheels = motorcycle.

But with “training wheels” for cornering, I’m sure—and general stability?

Full fairing = more car-like. I see on the Peraves website, this “fairing” is really a monocoque, that is, that the chassis and body are, I guess one and the same.

In action photos on the website, this vehicle looks more interesting than here, but it sure was eye-catching parked right there in Virginia-Highland in front of Murphy’s (I’m betting by its very own driver, and not the valet dudes!).

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