Whatcha givin’ your attention to?


We did get out for a loop through Piedmont Park, and saw more activity than I had thought we’d encounter, given the cold and gloomy weather.

We saw what must have been a photography class mustering by the lake, almost twenty people with cameras, and some even with suitcases of gear. They seemed a bit disorganized.

We encountered a few exercisers, mostly solos, the mid-day crowd, I guess, who are different than the early- and late-day folks.

The dog-walker count was down, but still present.

For your visual pleasure, here’s a photo of what must have been a practice(?), in the outfield of one of the baseball diamonds in the active oval. Too cold for shirts and skins, so the guys went with the obvious. I loved this moment, when the football, otherwise the focus of the action, sat there abandoned and ignored.

Speaking of attention, I must now wrangle another triple batch of bourbon balls, and roll ’em a little smaller this time….

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  1. Pooh says:

    “Candlesticks are always nice.” –from the movie, “Bull Durham”. Different sport, but a hugely funny scene in a good baseball movie.