I’m still annoyed that they cut those windows into the Coke sign. This was when Fleeman’s Pharmacy morphed into a hip modern (no “e”) kinda place. Actually, the HMKP was closed for a while recently—no, not because of a biz downturn—it was a mooovie set!

Yeah, I’m annoyed even though it’s not an old Coke sign; it’s an 1982 re-creation of an older style Coke sign.

See why historic preservation issues/decisions can make your head ache!

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I go back to my home town frequently and I am always struck by how many old buildings have been gone for so long I can’t remember what was there.

    I like the sign and not the windows. On the other hand, it seems like there were also windows there *before* the sign. So yes, it is a bit mind-boggling.

    I remember going in to our old Kresge store as a kid, ordering a cherry coke at the lunch counter and watching the waitress stir the cherry syrup into it. Really good. Much better than that canned stuff. (Don’t remember them having a celery flavor. ;-))