I don’t have a good title today


Rainy rainy rainy all day until now when it’s just plain wet, drippy, and grey outside.

Inside feels almost as gloomy (“quiet, too quiet”), if drier. We need Xmas lights!

And, me? I’ve been reading about wear patterns on antlers (currently free to download—how exciting!), among other things. You see, antlers are one substance used to make stone tools, an activity which, of course, generates distinct patterns, at least theoretically, as a result of the use. Conclusion: marks on antlers from tool use can be difficult to separate from natural deer rub marks.

Meanwhile, the picture is from yesterday’s walk, of some surviving colorful leaves. Apple maybe?

BTW, anyone else tired of hearing about the blue “people” movie & from its director?

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I am a huge fan of christmas lights. Year round!