IKEA idea


Yeah, that says BUMERANG. Get one and watch that it doesn’t clip your chin when you nab your jacket!

Crazy idea to visit IKEA today. The parking lot was packed. The aisles were packed. Saw no excessive grumpiness, however—oh, happy day!

Still, we escaped with our usual: candles and party napkins.

Plus two picture frames and incredibly inexpensive steak knives (like we have steak very often! ha!).

Since KW and GG have been talking kitchen plans, I’ve been thinking ours needs help; liked some of the real wood door/drawer fronts* I saw.

Note: two super-easy appetizer recipes added recently—feta-red pepper dip (gorgeous photo courtesy spouse) and blue cheese-pecan cheese “ball.”

* Example here. Different size than our existing cabinets, though. It’d be cheaper just to add fronts and a countertop, as insides of cabinets are “okay.”

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  1. kayak woman says:

    We (Mouse and I) once emerged from Ikea with a stuffed rat. Fortunately, it’s far enough from us (half hour) that we don’t go there very often.