NPR did its job


This is one of the branches of Peachtree Creek, just downstream of the Bot Garden, getting a tuneup as part of the upgrades there and in Piedmont Park. Note the ice along the creekside toward the left. The milkiness in the lower right is sediment, though….


Last week I heard an interview with Laura Veirs, a singer-songwriter who I’d never heard of, and loved her songs and sound. So, I went to the Guru, and voila!, just like that, we (he) ordered her newest release “July Flame”*! This is especially cool because she is selling it through Raven Marching Band, her own boutique label.

Laura Veirs’s website, with two free tracks, is here.

And here’s the NPR story from Weekend Edition.

* July Flame, Veirs tells us, is a variety of peach. Lovely name!

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