Programmatic, sorta


In the interests of perking up your winter (and, for one very special person, birthday!), I’ve used a picture of some window dressing to counterbalance this rainy day. Yes, the snow is gone, and we’re back to a more normal Piedmont Georgia winter weather precip.

Since this picture inspires one to think about travel to another clime, let me note that the travel destinations I’ve been thinking about this week are NORTH, like southern Michigan and east-central New York—not beach weather at all in these fine months of January and February….

This is all I’m going to blog about the Conan-Leno situation: why don’t People mention how crappy Jay’s 10pm show has been? And I mean crappy.

Speaking of television programming, why do I feel so compelled to watch “The Mentalist”? Maybe I see parallels with interpreting archaeological data? Dunno….


  1. kayak woman says:

    There was some long involved discussion about 10 o-clock TV dramas related to that Conan-Leno thing and I actually almost understood it (-;

  2. Pooh says:

    Well, in the Central Zone, Leno’s show is on at 9:00, and that’s way too early for me to watch him, i.e. I’m awake. Even flipping back to the NBC news and catching the closing 30 seconds of him makes me cringe. And yes, I usually do flip back to the news, but mostly because the local news on CBS seems to be more sensationalist.

  3. kayak woman says:

    Discussion on NPR, that is.