Census: people, flowers


First daffodils (at a neighbors’ in a protected place).

I see on our census form, which arrived today, that we are to predict the future—that is, how many people will be sheltering in our house on April Fool’s Day. Maybe we’re supposed to wait, but I’m guessing the mailing schedule people have no idea how much semi-junque mail piles up at this house, so that within about three days the form will be deeply buried beneath other need-to-do-something-with-this papers.

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  1. Sammy's Second Cousin says:

    After you’ve filled it out, make a photocopy before giving it to U.S. Snail, and store the copy with your personal papers. The original will become available to the genealogists of the future in 2082, but you don’t have to make them wait that long.