Not a story


It’s back! (The Arum maculatum.)

So, Newsweek is for sale. Is the buyer getting much more than a name and falling sales/revenue?

The reporting, you wonder. Howze this: on the contents list, two pages tagged for Mrs. Bush, Mrs. 43. And the “full story” you flip to? One’s a Laura Bush notation on a scale (pure opinion). The other’s on the quote page. A dozen words, more or less. Takes longer to flip to the right page than to read these morsels.

I can honestly say that I don’t “read” Newsweek any more, I just flip through it. It doesn’t seem to have much reporting (beyond the cover story), and is heavy on opinion, rounded out with tidbits like the LB stuff.

Our last issue (no, it was one back) came as “New week.” They’ve lost more than reporting already.

In my opinion….

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