Loving our lupines


Strolling the grounds, if you can call it that, rewards the keen-eyed with surprises.

The lupine (Lupinus sp.; say “loo-pin” and not “loo-pine”; alternate spelling: lupin) are in full bloom. As far as I know, these escaped from my great-grandmother’s flower garden decades ago, and they’ve spread, especially in the orchard and the field. Their most common color is a deep blue with hints of purple. Across the property, however, you will find colors ranging from white to various pinks, a very few light blue, and a few that are darker blue than most.


  1. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    I don’t remember so many lupines last year, had they already bloomed? It’s a beautiful picture, but one thing is missing, the Bigfoot camper to the right! We wish we were there! Hope you guys are having a great time, thanks for the memories!

  2. kayak woman says:

    I love lupine! I wish we had some at our cabin. Not quite the right environment, I think.

  3. Sammy's second cousin says:

    Thanks for posting this. Belle’s legacy is more than I had imagined.

  4. jay says:

    When we got married (on the beach) my Mom got permission from a person in Brimley to pick lupin from his front yard, which was pretty much all lupin. Our wedding was attended by family, a few friends, beach folks and a lot of bees.