Loony loons


Sunny and clear this morning, so we rode over to the Seney National Wildlife Refuge and went straight out on the driving tour. We were over half-way through the seven-mile drive when we spotted these three loons. They slowly circled, did no feeding—we’re guessing some type of spring behavior.

On the drive, we also saw trumpeter swans (with offspring), sandhill cranes, and, yup! bald eagles! We saw very few ducks and Canada geese. We also spotted (busy) beavers, clouds of dragonflies, and colorful wildflowers.

After the driving tour, we returned to the visitor center and also did the 1.5 mile walking tour. There we found a swamp denizen we’d missed while driving—voracious mosquitoes.

What a great way to avoid chores!


  1. jay says:

    The last time we did the walking tour, a year or two ago, Rey & I enjoyed the walk around looking at birds and what not. Carl & Ashlan made a very quick circuit after finding the herds of mosquitoes were waiting for them. My trick to avoiding most mosquito bites is to stand next to Carl.

  2. Sammy says:

    I agree; I find The Husband a great distraction from me for the mosquitos!