Rainy day activity


For various reasons (starting with: it was cloudy and uninspiring out), we went to town this morning, and straight to the County Clerk’s Office. I looked up the old deeds for this property, and found, as usual, at least one surprise—or bit of evidence that I haven’t been paying attention to when someone’s been reciting family history to me…. Like, the property came into the family via the great-grandmother of the lupines. At least that’s how it appears—I had thought her husband was the original purchasing ancestor.

“Further research needed,” as They say all too often.

This is classified as a rainy day activity because 1) it was indoors, and 2) the afternoon actually became rainy from about one on (this is very good for plants and the dry-dry gardens).


  1. Sammy's second cousin says:

    It’s was not uncommon for a husband to put property in his wife’s name when he put up the cash. It protected it from his creditors.

  2. kayak woman says:

    Also can be important to get the story straight and maybe in writing in an safe but accessible place (safe deposit?). I had a big battle with my mother about a property issue over the winter. I thought she was delusional about something but it turned out she was *right*, just couldn’t describe it so I could understand it. A trip to the courthouse wasn’t much help. She doggedly pursued the matter on her own with the surveyor’s office (I think) and I ended up eating my words. Pretty happily, since the outcome was positive for us.

    I saw that rain on the radar map yesterday afternoon. Much needed. VERY dry up there the last time I was there.