Smelled, not seen


If the title is a riddle, the answer is a skunk. At 4-something in the morning. Trundling by beneath our open windows, I assume. After wafting, hmm, I awoke. And smelled, but didn’t see him/her.

The photo is Au Sable Point Lighthouse, from yesterday. Wow! That lens bends reality!


  1. kayak woman says:

    Our neighborhood here on the Planet Ann Arbor is skunk city! There are mornings when I wake up and the smell is so strong it almost makes me feel nauseated.

  2. pooh says:

    Makes me wonder how much energy is expended by the skunk when it activates its defense mechanism, and is there a recharge time? Of course, the smell is so strong and so lingering, that probably the skunk doesn’t need to worry about how long it takes before it can use it again.

  3. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    What you smelled may have just been the skunk body odor, like all mustelidae they have the scent glands, but they also have really strong BO! I remember mink denning in the crawl space of the Elks club in Bend. They had to be evicted because of the smell and were released at the Museum. One of their offspring stayed around and was quite the show at the pond, fishing and catching crawdads. Even skunks who have had their scent glands surgically removed have a strong odor!