War of 1812 relic


Daylight through a gun port, high in the wall of a fortification in the northern part of Central Park, NYC.

Wouldn’t you know that if I spent the day wandering in Central Park, I would find a ruin? Well, it’s not a crumbly ruin, but, still, it’s an abandoned building. Locked away and secured. And so: essentially a ruin.

Of what?—you ask (if I’m lucky)….

A fort once stood in what is now the park. I had no idea.

This ruin dates to the War of 1812, and was remodeled later.

Extra credit: what were the “sides” in the War of 1812? What was the dispute?


  1. Pooh says:

    Tchaikowsky and the entire percussion section were having a labor dispute. Failing to come to an amicable resolution, after a long and drawn out battle, in which the musicians were threatening, repeatedly, to strike, the conductor said, in the words of Mr. Trump, “You’re fired!”

    At least I think that’s what the War of 1812 was about. 😉

  2. Sammy says:

    History by Pooh. It doesn’t get any better!