Hunky Homo specimen


Today’s main event: American Museum of Natural History.

The entry hall is named after Teddy Rooooosevelt, and is dominated by a dinosaur skeleton and the sound emanating from the congregating hoardes—ooh, let me rest my feet—yesterday in the park about did me in!

I had two sections I wanted to hit. My mistake was checking anything out along the way.

I had heard the revised human origins hall was very well done. My takeaway: excellent.

The posted hominid “family tree” even includes two species of Ardipithecus!

And I was eyeball to eye socket with a Neanderthal skeleton (or replica thereof) for a while. Thinking. Contemplating humanity, I suppose.

This diorama, however, is of Eurasian Ice Age Homo sapiens, those folks of the Far North who used mammoth bones as building material.

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