Thanks so much!


Backstory: The Guru met a nice guy online. They had overlapping interests in the history of broadcasting in our fine country. They had been in the same places at different times, even. Like, the guy went to elementary school in our neighborhood! Anyway, This Fine Fellow now works for NBC, the network, at its home in NYC.

So, This Fine Fellow kindly treated us to a private tour of several floors of 30 Rock!

I walked the stages of SNL. I walked around Brian Williams’ desk. I saw the room where Lester does the weekend news. (Surprise: they’re different!) I saw the studio where Letterman and then Conan entertained us, gave us The Best. I saw the Muppet Closet.

Next to the elevators, on one floor, I found this Hirschfeld portrait of Conan.


  1. Marquis says:

    Did you see any shows?

  2. Sammy says:

    Just the city’s normal light show!