Bearly moseying


We really liked the urban stuff.

It’s also true that we were happy to leave it behind. Especially the Staten Island part. We didn’t tour Staten Island (the third borough of our NYC visit, and the one that seems to me the most different from the rest), just drove along a main road (not Interstate). From what I saw, I thought I would find it stultifying to live there. I didn’t see any neighborhoods that looked quite like the one we saw that Melanie Griffith’s character Tess McGill in Working Girl (1988) was from; I saw mostly duplexes and ranch style homes that all looked post-WWII through the 60s.

Cleverly, we scheduled our Sunday morning so that we could “do” the Skyline Drive, all 105 miles, from north to south.

The weather was perfect, the traffic light, and our trip gorgeous. We saw one large Wild Thing, although s/he was pretty skinny. And eating most of the time we watched her/him.

Note: with our entry covered by it, we have made our $80 Annual Pass (purchased last October at Pipestone) a deal!


  1. Pooh says:

    We saw some older houses and a Main Street-ish area on Staten Island when we rode the 5-Boroughs ride last May. I would have like to explore more, but it was the last of the five, and 42 miles in the rain had kind of sucked the explorer out of me. To be more succinct, 42 miles in the rain sucked. Period.

  2. Sammy says:

    I can only imagine.