Informal neighborhood tour


In celebration of today’s coolness, the temperature kind, I took the iPhone for a walk, noting many fall flowers in bloom despite the dry conditions for part of the summer. I was pleased to pick up Paul Greenberg’s Four Fish at the library (and maybe we can get fish tacos if they’re on special at Doc Chey’s tonight…). I also found three guys hanging in the alley behind the homeless shelter (we said a polite “Good afternoon” to each other). I was very surprised to find a semi wandering around the residential neighborhood I trekked through, which was quite an undertaking considering the tight corners he had to negotiate.

Ya just never know what you’ll find if you look around your neighborhood with your eyes open!

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    Love your little tour! I always giggle when I smell pot behind the Plum Market — where the employees hang out on [smoking] breaks 😉