The day the ___ died


Now there’s a lotta ’maters!—truck we saw last week on Interstate–75.

Today, it was a microwave that died.

Some might argue that it had died long ago, and that we kept it going on the microwave version of life-support.

Here’s the deal.* J&R moved north to Indiana and took the microwave with them. But the lovely house they bought had a built-in microwave, and they stored it in the garage. We were visiting and mentioned that we needed a new microwave, and voila! we received the traveling microwave.

Happy with our replacement unit, we drove it home and installed it, noticing that the little readout screen had become, well, wonky. The Guru described it for years as displaying in Chinese. In short, you had to know what you punched in, because you couldn’t read the time-remaining.

And today it was microwaving away, warming some pod-peas for our luncheon soup, and I happened to be nearby and noticed that the sound changed, just a bit. That new sound lasted maybe two seconds, and the machine went quiet and the Chinese was replaced by pure black.

No breaker problem. No problem with the plug.

Scientific conclusion: dead microwave.

We are considering a combo countertop microwave-convection oven; anyone have any experience with the current models?

* This is how I remember it; others may recall the microwave tale differently.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    My microwave is 26 years old. Still working. Does make strange noises sometimes…